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Local Man Arrested for Dui While on The Way to Yoga

A Local man, described as white and average build, was arrested today in Bond Hill. Timmy Jackson, 39 was pulled over around 5 pm for a suspected Dui. It took three police officers to get Jackson to finally pull over.

Officer James approached the car to Timmy screaming out of the window. “What? What do you want? Why are you pulling me over? I’M ON MY WAY TO YOGA”. The officer asked for the suspect’s license and registration. He then struck the officer. Back up police arrived on the scene in an attempt to deescalate the situation.

Jackson then began to throw punches, and bruised officer Johnson in the process. The suspect was then tased and taken down to the GROUND. Timmy Jackson was booked at the Justice Center, currently awaiting his arraignment w/ Judge Atawaka.

The assailant’s family has even gone so far as to create a Go Fund Me account to help with costs. Jackson was charged w/ resisting arrest, over the legal limit and cocaine possession.


Attempted Child Abduction


The Police Department is on the lookout for a man, after an attempted child abduction.  This happened earlier today in Edgewood, Ky. He pulled up to a local neighborhood and tried to coerce a young girl into his vehicle, Luckily the 10yr was smart enough to not fall for his tricks.

Amy was on the way home for school meeting her mom, when an unidentified man approached her with candy and a small puppy. He was seen driving off in a white van. Thanks to Amy’s bravery she was able to get home safe and sound.


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